Location Sound

Record. Anywhere.

SonicWorks owns a location recording set wich is used to record soundeffects and ambient sounds.

Every location has distinct and subtle sounds created by its environment. These sound sources can include wildlife, wind, music, rain, running water, thunder, rustling leaves, distant traffic, aircraft and machinery noise, the sound of distant human movement and speech, creaks from thermal contraction, air conditioning and plumbing noises, fan and motor noises.

Ambience is normally recorded by the sound department to provide a movie location with sonic space and normally occupies a separate track in the sound edit.

SonicWorks records  these ambient sounds to create ambiences to complement scenes and set design in modern theatre productions as well.

We can help you with other recordings for media such as dialogues, interviews, presentations and location music recordings up to 12 channels.

We can also record up to 136 channels of MADI (2x 64 channel stream WAVES MGB + 8 channels DiGiGrid IOS) with our computer based second recording set.

Our recording sets consist of premium professional gear. Recording with up to 32 bits (float) and up to 192kHz . In mono, stereo or any surround format as well as in Ambisonics,

Brands we use: Sound Devices, Sennheiser, Neumann, DPA, Røde, AKG, Aquarian, Tascam, WAVES, DiGiGrid.