Post Production

Re-recording, editing, mixing and mastering.

SonicWorks owns a modern studio with 5.1 surround sound capabilities for post production and sound design purposes.

Audio post production is the creation and manipulation of audio that is synchronized with video, film or commercial and includes everything that has to be done after filming. This also may include sound design or the creation of sound effects (Foley), recording of voice overs and automatic dialogue replacement (ADR). Other elements such as music are also added during post production.

The studio runs  AVID Protools and Steinberg Cubase Pro and is completed with WAVES, Izotope and Audio Ease plug ins, Røde K2 valve microphone for vocal (re)ecordings and Dynaudio 5.1 monitoring.

Content can also be made in  VR with sofware from DearVR and Ambisonic recordings.

All mixes will be delivered according to applicable loudness standards for the medium, e.g. EBU R128 for tv and radio.